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Thank you to all of our supporters for helping Music in Mears become a successful concert series in downtown St. Paul for the past 14 years. Without you we would not have gotten this far.

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2017 Supporters
Brooke Hunter, Kelly Rosenthal, Willard Hanley, Larry Nelson, Deborah Dreher, Eric Barsness, Susan Gilmore, Elisabeth Amirahmadi, Tracy Lange, Shelia Sullivan, Mercy Das Sulc, Diane M Louis

2016 Supporters
Elisabeth Amirahmadi, Valerie Meyer-DeJong, Timothy Knos, Theresa Kurth, Mark Sprangers, William Tilton, William Wiesert, Kathryn Wells, John Brian, Lousie Quinn, Mike Tittle

2015 Supporters
Judith Hibbard, Kathryn Wells, Stephen Gumnit, Brenda Cornelius & Will Weisert, Heather Cole, Joe and Patty Wirth, Michael Marsh, Mark Sprangers & Susan Gillmer

2014 Supporters
Srinivas Siddabathuni, Catherine McGuire, Brenda Cornelius & Will Weisert, Dale Urevig, Robert Barratt, David M Coons, Janet Coons,
Jennifer Duda, Willard Hanley, Debbie Kenney, Kathy Ehlers, Michael Marsh, Elisabeth Meyer, Timothy Walker

2013 Supporters
Mark Long, Amanda Buhman, Twin City Hardware Co